Links I love: Monday, January 9, 2017

These articles really resonated with me today. First was a video from Todd Wolfe (@iamtoddwolf), who you’ll know as the video guy from Fro Knows Photo. He talks emphatically about how creators should focus more on knowing the story they want to tell, instead of being preocupied by the gear. It’s about making video, but purely stills photographers can learn a lot from it, too. I really believe that new photographers will need to learn how to shoot video, in some capacity.

Next up was a post featured on ISO 1200 which compared natural light portraits to off-camera strobe portraits. It’s a nice comparison by South Texas portrait photographer Francisco Hernandez, allowing you to see natural vs strobe in the same scenario with the same pose. (Note: High-Speed-Sync flash does play a role in maintaining the quality of the background blur.)

A photo posted by Francisco Hernandez (@fjhphoto) on Nov 3, 2016 at 8:59am PDT

You can read the article and watch the video



Otherwise – that’s all I have for you today. One video on the PURPOSE, another on the TECHNICAL. Talk tomorrow, Ben