Wodonga Anzac Day Parade

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Took kid Flash to his first every Anzac Day parade. He's usually such a bubbly, happy kid, but as soon as he arrived, he was much more subdued, almost a bit sad. It was like he felt the weight of how serious and special today was.

Turns out he's a happy, bubbly and respectful kid, too. We are really proud of him.

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P4250219Olympus M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 40-150mm f2.8 PROEDIT.jpg

SWEET LINKS: January, 18, 2017

This yarn on PetaPixel really got my attention this morning. It’s by Michael Clark and it tackles the thing that frustrates photographers the most about Instagram – why BRILLIANT photos earn less likes than other shots. Because, as Mr Clark puts it, “Instagram has flipped that script to some degree because it often rewards images that are good but not those that rise to a whole other level of excellence, which is why it is intensely debated and discussed among working pro photographers”.

Here it is: https://petapixel.com/2017/01/17/the-paradox-of-instagram/

Now for something local. This facebook post links to the best work by the photographers at my local newspaper (also my former employer). Eleanor, Jimmy and Mark produce beautiful work under the toughest of circumstances.

Click through and enjoy some mighty fine photojournalism here: https://www.facebook.com/bordermail/photos/a.10150280751455494.556355.95810110493/10158049438285494/?type=3&theater

ALSO – Jimmy and Mark are graduates of Wodonga TAFE. I’m always really proud to mention that.


@benhasacat also has a DOG :)

This story is about our dog. We adopted him from the pound. He’s great, but both of us never really got the hang of walking with a lead.

Oh, and his name is Benji.

This is the second episode of a regular series of vids. Basically – I’m working my ass off to get better at video this year. Or die trying. Thanks for all the help and support as I get deeper into this video project. After the first vid, an Adobe Premier guru and a sound engineer have offered to help me iron out some kinks. I’m learning that if you put yourself at risk, it’s worth it!

Cheers and thanks,


(The song is called Life in Slow Motion by the incredible Whatfunk. http://www.whatfunk.com/about)

Sweet links: Set your Mac up for speed!

Bam! Here’s why I love Aaron Nace and Phlearn.

Awesome, reliable content that you can trust. I have no problems referring photographers to Mr Nace for further reading and as a place to update their knowledge.

The vid that dropped today shows one way to set up your Mac computer that will hopefully maximise efficiency … especially if you are a photographer.

(Between you and I, I was quietly chuffed to see a couple of things I do and recommend to our photographers echoed here. Score!)

Enjoy and share the vid. And thank you again, Mr Nace!