@benhasacat also has a DOG :)

This story is about our dog. We adopted him from the pound. He’s great, but both of us never really got the hang of walking with a lead.

Oh, and his name is Benji.

This is the second episode of a regular series of vids. Basically – I’m working my ass off to get better at video this year. Or die trying. Thanks for all the help and support as I get deeper into this video project. After the first vid, an Adobe Premier guru and a sound engineer have offered to help me iron out some kinks. I’m learning that if you put yourself at risk, it’s worth it!

Cheers and thanks,


(The song is called Life in Slow Motion by the incredible Whatfunk. http://www.whatfunk.com/about)

Sweet links: Set your Mac up for speed!

Bam! Here’s why I love Aaron Nace and Phlearn.

Awesome, reliable content that you can trust. I have no problems referring photographers to Mr Nace for further reading and as a place to update their knowledge.

The vid that dropped today shows one way to set up your Mac computer that will hopefully maximise efficiency … especially if you are a photographer.

(Between you and I, I was quietly chuffed to see a couple of things I do and recommend to our photographers echoed here. Score!)

Enjoy and share the vid. And thank you again, Mr Nace!


Links I love: Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Two really cool articles via PetaPixel today.

One is about a lawyer who rewrote Instagram’s terms and conditions into language children (and adults like me) could understand. It’s a great read that clearly lets you know what you are in for when you sign up with Instagram.

Check it here.

The second tackles that mythical beast for many of us … How much DPI (dots per inch) is enough? It’s by Thomas Kuoh, and it’s a no-nonsense practical video that should hopefully have you breathing a sigh of relief at the end of it.

Hope you enjoy and learn from these links.


Links I love: Monday, January 9, 2017

These articles really resonated with me today. First was a video from Todd Wolfe (@iamtoddwolf), who you’ll know as the video guy from Fro Knows Photo. He talks emphatically about how creators should focus more on knowing the story they want to tell, instead of being preocupied by the gear. It’s about making video, but purely stills photographers can learn a lot from it, too. I really believe that new photographers will need to learn how to shoot video, in some capacity.

Next up was a post featured on ISO 1200 which compared natural light portraits to off-camera strobe portraits. It’s a nice comparison by South Texas portrait photographer Francisco Hernandez, allowing you to see natural vs strobe in the same scenario with the same pose. (Note: High-Speed-Sync flash does play a role in maintaining the quality of the background blur.)

A photo posted by Francisco Hernandez (@fjhphoto) on Nov 3, 2016 at 8:59am PDT

You can read the article and watch the video



Otherwise – that’s all I have for you today. One video on the PURPOSE, another on the TECHNICAL. Talk tomorrow, Ben