These days, I spend most of my time as a photography teacher at Wodonga TAFE. I’m still heavily involved in industry, but I am taking on less clients. The clients I do take on, are either really interesting to work with, or, give me an opportunity to create some awesome learning material for my students.

Here’s the main types of education we offer at Photo Imaging at TAFE.

Diploma of Photography and Photo Imaging:

This is an accredited course that results in an impressive industry qualification. It is a 12-month fully-online course that turns skilled photographers into working pros. Photographers are enrolled from all around Australia. How to shoot professionally and start your photography business. Delivery is flexible. Photographers can shoot what they want, when they want.

Certificate IV Photography and Photo Imaging:

This is a face-to-face on-campus course that takes someone with a passion for photography and empowers them with the technical skills to create professional images and earn money with their camera. It runs for a year. Students don’t need experience to start, and will finish with an impressive qualification.

Lights, Camera, Action short course:

This short course is all about learning the skills to get the most out of your camera. It’s short, snappy, and packed with information and shoots for budding photographers to cut their teeth on.

I’d love to talk more about these courses with you.

You can speak with me or fellow teacher Tracey Matheson at TAFE on 02 6055 6384.