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Now everyone can DRAW!

Found this fun video I made while my arm was fractured last year.

If you’ve ever been worried about not being a good enough drawer, you can now RELAX … technology has the answer.

G'day all! Here's a fun one for all the teachers who have ever been nervous or shy about their drawing skills. Well, by pairing the Promethean ActivPanel with Auto Draw (, you can leave all those worries behind. Lastly -- apologies for the weird colour in this video.
Ben Eyles
Interactive Websites (if you can’t use apps)

Sure, learning from an interactive Android/Chrome panel, especially a Promethean, is one of the best experiences a student can have. But — if you’re a teacher still waiting for a panel for your classroom, or perhaps you have an older panel or touch whiteboard, you and your students can still have a lot of interactive learning fun.

Here’s a video I put together recently designed to whet your appetite for interactive websites and online progressive apps. If you’d like to know more, please reach out and I’ll see if I can help.

Ben Eyles
ActivInspire: Everyday uses in the classroom.

Software always looks good in a demo, but the real test is how it does day-to-day in the real world.

I got to film Claire Barber, Promethean ANZ veteran and guru, while she showed off some very practical tools that teachers use every day.

Ben Eyles
ActivInspire with Claire Barber
An excellent tutorial with Promethean ANZ's Claire Barber.

Got the chance to cut together this excellent, practical training session on ActivInspire by Promethean veteran, Claire Barber.

Ben Eyles